Spring / Summer

Starting in May we move to Astoria again and pursue what is thought by many to be the best tasting fish available in the Northwest.  Termed by fisherman as poor mans lobster, these fish will provide you the fight of your life.  In the estuary, keeper fish (45 to 60 inches) are quite common along with countless fish just short of the window.  The occasional 8 foot monster will bite our baits which can be quite a battle with the light gear we use.  This season starts in May and typically runs through mid-July.  If you want a relaxing day on the water with opportunities at good numbers of fish, this is the trip for you! 

Locations: (Astoria)

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As the salmon spawn and we get into our rainy pattern here in Oregon the winter steelhead begin their trek up the coastal rivers.  This fishery starts in late November and runs through mid-April.  It is typically run from our heated driftboat and is our specialty.  Sidedrifting bait with ultra-light gear provides for some amazing action and can prove very productive.  These fish range from 8 to 20 pounds and are absolutely full of themselves. 


Locations: (Alsea, Siletz and Santiam Rivers)

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Our Fall salmon season begins in August in the Astoria area as we chase some of the first salmon returning to the Oregon Rivers.  This fishery targets both Coho and Chinook and is very productive.  September finds us trolling the tidewater sections of the Alsea River for "Kings".  This short section of tidewater produces some very large Chinook every Fall, and is very relaxing as we troll the Alsea Canyon.  As the leaves start to turn and we flip our calendars to October we move North to the Yaquina River.  This is one of our best kept secrets.  A great return of Chinook is found here with very few crowds to bother them.  Come join us for some great Salmon fishing this coming Fall!

Locations: (Columbia River, Alsea and Yaquina Rivers and Bays)